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hermitage n : the abode of a hermit

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  1. A house or dwelling where a hermit lives.
  2. A place or period of seclusion.


dwelling place of hermit

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Hermitage may refer to the following:



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In France:
  • Hermitage AOC, a wine-growing appellation in northern Rhône on a hill with an old hermit's chapel
  • Crozes-Hermitage AOC, a wine-growing appellation in northern Rhône in the area surrounding the Hermitage hill
  • Crozes-Hermitage, a commune of the Drôme département
  • L'Hermitage, a commune in the Ille-et-Vilaine département, in the Bretagne région
  • L'Hermitage-Lorge, a commune in the Côtes-d'Armor département, in the Bretagne région
  • Tain-l'Hermitage, a town and commune of the Drôme department in southern France
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  • USS Hermitage (AP-54), a troop transport launched in 1925 as the Italian liner ; interned, renamed, and commissioned in U.S. Navy, 1942; returned to the Italy in 1947
  • , a Thomaston-class dock landing ship launched in 1956; transferred to Brazilian Navy as Ceará (C-30) in 1989
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adytum, ashram, cell, cloister, den, hideaway, hideout, hiding place, holy of holies, ivory tower, lair, mew, privacy, recess, retreat, sanctum, sanctum sanctorum, secret place
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